Here are a few of the most common questions our customers ask.  Please

call if you need any other information.  


Does Lufkin's offer delivery, or can I bring my truck in to be loaded?


We deliver to our customers in Pinellas County Monday through Saturday.  Arrangements are normally made a day ahead of time, and cost depends on quantity and location of delivery. You do not need to be home if delivery is prepaid.  

You may also have your materials loaded into your open-bed truck or trailer at our yard.



How do I determine the amount that I need?


Generally, you will need 1 cubic yard for every 100 square feet at a depth of 3 inches.  This may fluctuate with the type of material used. Call us anytime for assistance.


How deep should I lay mulch?


The benefit of mulch is to help retain moisture around your plants, prevent erosion, and deter weeds from growing. Over time, it also nourishes the soil as it decomposes. Always remember to place mulch a minimum of 1 to 2" away from tree trunks and plant stems to allow proper air circulation.  Maintaining a 3" layer is normally sufficient.   



What are the benefits of using stone as opposed to organic mulch?


The main benefit is that it is considered permanent and rarely needs to be replenished. It also will retain moisture, prevent erosion and deter the growth of weeds.  It is a very decorative material and comes in many beautiful varieties, which add a distinctive quality to your landscape. 

I already have stones in my yard and would like to match them.  Can I get a sample to take home?


We provide samples of any of our products to our customers.  Just come by anytime we are open.